Los Panchos named Visby's best pizzeria

The Visby residents' favorite pizzeria is called Los Panchos. A result based on all of the year's orders and thousands of reviews from the food service Onlinepizza, made by over half a million customers.
2017's best pizzeria has now been named among over 1,400 connected restaurants by the food service Onlinepizza, Sweden's largest provider of restaurant food. When the Swedes had their say, it was finally Pizzeria Venedig in Borlänge that took home the title. The result is based on thousands of customer reviews and all of the year's orders from Onlinepizza, where factors such as speed, repeat customers and sales per resident were also looked at during the assessment.
- By appointing the year's best pizzerias, we get a chance to highlight our fantastic pizza bakers, the people behind all the orders. People who during the year also provided our users with fast, affordable service and high-quality food, says Daniel Strömberg, CEO of Onlinepizza.

Visby residents' most popular pizzeria

When Onlinepizza's users had their say, in the end it was Los Panchos who took home the victory among all Visby's connected pizzerias.

- It feels very nice that we have been named Visby's best pizzeria. During the year, we have struggled to maintain high quality in everything we do and it is clear that the customers like it, says Ergin Tuga at Los Ponchos.

For more information about the best pizzerias in Sweden, see the attached document "Sweden's 10 best pizzerias".

This is how the assessment of Sweden's best pizzerias goes:
Because we believe that a really good pizzeria has both a large percentage of satisfied returning customers, good sales and delivers quickly on time, the results for this year's winning restaurants are based on algorithms and data we have collected during the year. The data includes popularity ranking, sales statistics, customer reviews and ratings, as well as the restaurant's average delivery time in relation to drive-out ratings. Only cities and restaurants with sufficient data are reported in the listing (for example, sufficient number of orders, restaurants, reviews, etc.).


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